Tips on how to write the perfect college essay?

Tips on how to write the perfect college essay?
Well starting this friday, I will sit down and start sketching out my college essay(s), i know all of the basics of what to include, but im wondering if anyone out there has some information that could help set me apart from other essays. anything i should really emphasize? any kind of info or tips you have that you’d be willing to give i’d appreciate it.

well let me see, I wrote my essay to columbia college, and I did it for a cousin of mine too. Grammar and punctation are #1, have a unique and eye catching 1st sentence. I always notice that I catch a reaers attention by having a great first few sentences. Another is be honest and brag about yourself. It usually depends on the question taht they ask. Mines to Columbia was why do do you want to attend Columbia, what are your long term goals, and what do you hope to get out of it. If you know what you want to study put passion and knowledge into that particular major. thats what worked for me. Have some people read it over before you send it too.

hope it helps.