tips on making your essay longer?

tips on making your essay longer?
i gotta type two pages single space on one question and that seems impossible. its short question and i have no idea on wut to do. i can’t do anything about the font or stuff like that plz help

First, you should have posted the question.

Second, it’s easy! Just beat around the bush! Don’t cut directly into the main theme/subject of your answer. Just use long introductory sentences; try to make use of appositives and other grammatical advantages – example:

Richard, whom I like most and I really want to help, is the main character in my essay.


Mercedes, a German made car, is a heavy duty one.

However, long sentences using in them a lot of grammatical tricks will most probably endanger your grade. Imagine, how bored a teacher would get reading some useless stuff. Try to keep balance between nonsense and sense.