Tips on studying for SAT ?

Tips on studying for SAT ?
Hi I am planning to take the SAT this November and I have started studying since summer. I took the test once before and received the following scores: reading 530 math 690 and writing 590 (9 essay).
I have done practice tests and I am in the 700s for math. For writing I wish to get in the 700s but i am in the 580s to 630s. Does anyone know a website where I can learn the many grammar rules that are tested on the sat, such as diction, sing.plural verbs and all the other stuff. Critical reading no matter how hard I practice I can not get above a 550. Right now I am studying lots of vocab so I am pretty good at sentence completions. My main problem is answering the long passage questions. My main weaknesses is inference questions, tone questions, and comparing two passages. Can anyone pass along good advice to how I can improve in answering the questions. Any advice will be useful. Thanks.
Note: I have many books but it only helps a little on reading.
I am hoping for educators/students who know the SAT really well to help me out. My goal is to get above a 2000.

Here it is.. I dont know if any of the websites would help, but i’ve just got a few tips from personal experience. hope it helps.

reading – learn to read fast and at the same time digest (understand) well. read fast by reading in “chunks”, as in dont read a sentence word by word but by phrases, it’ll be faster. since u got time till november, read alot, and often. Read stuff from news articles or famous classics; it’ll improve your reading skills and understanding. do the practice tests OFTEN (and time yourself). also, i guess for your reading weaknesses, try focusing on the inference n tone of the passage when u read (n check if it’s right w/ a teacher). but always read thoroughly, and answer carefully!

as an extra, i’ll add essay and math tips:

essay – practice writing lots of essays (time yourself 20 min every time), n get a grammar master to check your work. As u know, questions of the essays are all philosophical and pro/con (meaning more like, “Do you think TV isolates people or unites them?” rather than “How does TV affect people nowadays?”) In the essays they will see HOW you answered (how strong/persuasive/professional/etc. the essay is). So in a way, you will need to know at least some BASIC knowledge in – usually – history n literature. Just memorize some important facts or even summaries of famous bks (such as Pride and Prejudice, Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre, etc.), it’ll help alot. Dont forget to the essays in the gd essay format (pick a side, intro, 2~3 paragrahs for body, n strong conclusion, u know..)

math — u might already realize this, but math is more of knowing HOW to solve all those different KINDS of questions rather than memorizing a bunch of hard equations. So review as many TYPES of the questions that appear in Alg I,II, n Geo classes! (u see, the SAT math section doesn’t throw alot of impossibly hard questions, just very TRICKY ones sometimes – be careful for the mudpits of tricky-ness by reading question/answers carefully). AND important —-> if u have NO IDEA how to solve, just pick C (C is recommended because usually it’s the average of the answers- but dont pick it all the time, just when the answers are listed in numerical order n u dunno which). Or leave it blank (u dont wanna pick too many c’s)

and.. dont stress yourself out. Make sure you SLEEP WELL a few days before and *ESP.* on the day before the SAT. Eat like steak, spagetti, banana, or any other energy-boosting foods (protein is good too) before the test, and bring a nice good snack (not too much sweets, but like nuts or a nutrition bar). dont forget calculator and a wrist watch (that doesn’t make too much noise).
once again, DON’T STRESS. Breathe alot and deeply b/cuz your brain wont get much oxygen when u get nervous. plus nervousness will be a distraction as u take the test.

ok well i dunno how much this helps but Good LUCK! I know how it feels..took the test 4 times.. ^^ cya.