tips on writing comparative essays.?

tips on writing comparative essays.?
i am writing a comparative essay comparing the works of William Bradford and John Smith (the one with pocahontas). im so used to writing persuasive essays so i dunno how to start. im not saying to write my essay i just want to know how it should sound for example in the introduction. thanks! 🙂

For a comparative essay:
– compare aspects of the text within the same paragraph
-have ONE topic per paragraph, for example: Both Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” and David Guterson’s “Snow Falling On Cedars” highlight issues of racism within the text. So in this paragraph you talk about how racism is portrayed, not anything else.
-A great way to write an essay is:
Statement – the opening sentance. This states what you will be talking about. it is the topic sentance for the paragraph.
Explain – explain further on the topic sentence
Evidence – give evidence (quotations) to support your argument
Techniques – highlight the literary techniques used
R- Reader’s response to the evidence and tecnniques
R – refer back to the question

You should do this for the two books within one paragraph, and compare them as you go.

You need:
-an introduction
-paragraphs with the topics (possibly 4-5 paragraphs, each with different arguments)
-a conclusion

For example: Compare the ideas portrayed within Harper Lee’s “To KiIll A Mockingbird” with those highlighted in David Gutersons “Snow Falling On Cedars.”

Harper Lee’s “To KiIll A Mockingbird” and David Gutersons “Snow Falling On Cedars” use similar ideas within the text. To Kill a Mockingbird portays the issue of racism through the character of Tom Robinson, while in Snow Falling On Cedars, racism is portrayed through Kioto Moyamoto. Both texts also explore the idea of childhood… etc etc etc