Title for Formal Essay About Nickel and Dimed?

Title for Formal Essay About Nickel and Dimed?
In my essay, I talk about how the author has a great concept to explore the lifestyle of the working poor but does not execute her attempt to live as a working class citizen well. Any ideas for a title for my formal essay?

I did enjoy that book, although coming from a very blue collar background I completely understand your argument – she didn’t really experience it like someone who lives it every day, although I applaud her attempt to do so. I think she did her best, considering her privileged background.

Maybe call it “Quartered”, as a cheeky reference, and to allude to the fact that she was living like someone ‘quartered’, put up in a place that is not their real home, temporary, in a life they don’t have to live.

Or you could go with “Slumming for Bucks”, as she made a lot of money on a slumming vacation in the lives of the less fortunate.

Or “Privilege Pervades”, because it did, in her book. She can’t possibly understand the reality of living in poverty, as she has no/did not create a real point of reference.