“To learn anything is good; all that is need is to know it.” — Plutarch

“To learn anything is good; all that is need is to know it.” — Plutarch
“Those who can find out what I say by reading my letters would seem to me to be the wisest men on earth.” — Cicero
“To those who can read and write, there can be no end of pleasure.” — Horace
“What people want most is not knowledge, but the means to acquire knowledge.” — Thomas Mann [In truth, one who knows little must know nothing.]
“Knowledge never hurts. When I learned it was a crime.”— Thomas Jefferson
“If, as a rule, the true principle of all human institutions is to be found in the mind, it follows that education should be devoted to the cultivation of the mind. In this sense all the sciences are natural sciences.” [The sciences are not natural sciences. For example, science can be divided into what is known and what is not known.] — Voltaire
“Education for life is the true path to the acquisition of knowledge, of wisdom, of virtue, of virtue of every kind.” [Knowledge is not necessary for wisdom.] — Aristotle
“Education can serve as a great help to life, and to become really useful in one’s position one must cultivate intelligence and good qualities, both in yourself. But even education can only produce true good qualities and not true intelligence. For the person who will cultivate his virtue to the highest degree must be intelligent and good.” — Aristotle
“A man can acquire in twenty years more in knowledge and industry than the greatest genius of the world could in three hundred years, if he were to be brought up and educated in Europe.” — Voltaire [The greatest genius could not be educated. The greatest genius must be trained, not brought up.]
“If men knew what they were doing in the world, they would no more seek to gain their livelihood by robbing and oppressing, but by sharing their wealth with all.” (Cicero) [The greatest criminals did not want to share their wealth. The greatest criminals learned to gain their livelihood by robbing and oppressing.]
“We live in a world where all the wealth in the world is, in the main, the product of robbery and oppression. The world must be liberated from the tyranny of a few great manufacturers, bankers, and holders of vast sums.”
“A free nation cannot exist without knowledge, or without science and art.” [Science and art are the greatest enemies of slavery. Even the greatest masterpieces in music, painting, architecture, architecture, and sculpture are victims of the greatest oppressors of mankind.]
“What is education? It is the creation of men, a human society which must know and understand each other.” — Plato
“The chief end for which the human mind has ever been formed is to investigate the world around it, to state clearly its physical, chemical, and biological relations to other areas of the universe.” — Albert Einstein
“Education in truth will make children better at being human, and thus enable them to be better at what they are supposed to be doing in life; and as they grow up they will come to know better who they are and why they are here.” — Thoreau [Education should be developed as the beginning of an individual lifetime of work. All the knowledge we acquire after our birth, is lost in