To people who have been accepted to NYU for clinical social work, any tips for prospective students?

To people who have been accepted to NYU for clinical social work, any tips for prospective students?
I really would like to talk to somebody who got admitted to NYU for clinical social work. I was very impressed with what NYU has to offer and I would like to go to a school like that in the future. I am a second year university student and would like to be given tips on how to make my application impressive for the faculty.

I can’t speak about NYU because I went to a Canadian University and got my masters degree in social work–clinical concentration. But, I know that the entrance essay required that you focus on two areas: professional and volunteer experience and personal experience. The last area that they look at is your marks.

If you are required to write an essay, be vary aware that the personal component should not be used to divulge major personal issues. You may write about something like the death of a loved on and how you coped with that–but DO NOT go on and on about (for example) something like being sexually abused including every little detail. This will be interpreted as an issue with boundaries. Also include anything about your experiences with different ethnic groups (if you are of a different ethnicity other than caucasian, indirectly say so) individuals with physical or cognitive challenges, people with substance misuse issues etc. I talked about being able to pass as white (which I am not) and my experiences with overt racism. I had also worked in the social services sector and done volunteer work. They really like the volunteer work aspect–demonstrates your compassion and dedication to individuals less fortunate. You may also want to explore yourself in counselling–although not a prerequisite (which I personally think it should be) but, you can only bring people to the place where you yourself are–in other words, in order to be effective in your field, you must address your own personal issues (which we all have). Otherwise, you will be doing more harm to your client than helping them.

Hope this helps and good luck with your studies!