To what extent can I answer to what extent?

To what extent can I answer to what extent?
Most essay questions ask a question by stating to what extent…
How do you answer this in a thesis…
EX. to what extent do people use the word you?
answer: people use the word you to a certain extent..
that sounds terrible..

You come up with a reasonably creative opening.

“Every day, I hear people using the word ‘you.’ They do it in coffee shops, in the workplace, in stores where customers are buying anything at all, and the word seems to be tossed around with the greatest abandon, with no care or attention paid to what it truly means.

“In fact, the distinguished New York Times columnist, Chauncey Q. Elitist, recently noted this disturbingly ubiquitous use of the word ‘you.’ As he pointed out, ‘It appears to be evidence of the increasingly aggressive and accusatory character of modern social interactions. Whereas we once accepted the blame ourselves, for whatever misunderstandings and confusions arose, we now squarely place the fault on the shoulders of the other person in the transaction; that is, YOU!'”

What might the explanation for this growing trend? One possibility is ….

You see what I mean.