Topic for a cause and effect essay?

Topic for a cause and effect essay?
I have to write a cause and effect essay for my English class and Idk what to write me? :3


Cause and effect essays explore how and why things happen. You may start with an event, like the Boston Tea Party, and explain why it happened. You could also start with the Boston Tea Party and explore the events that followed.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your topic, you may find ideas from the following list.

The impact when a parent loses a job
The Revolutionary War and slavery
Food poisoning causes
Repercussions of cheating in school
The effects of exercising
How bullying affects victims
How severe acne affects teens
Effects of telling lies
The impact of technology on family time
The impact of technology on religion
The effects of smoking
Why friendships end
The effects of divorce
The effects of traveling abroad
What would happen if aliens landed in your town
What causes kids to try drugs for the first time
Why ships sink
The effects of poison ivy
Why weddings look the way they do
How Christmas trees became a part of American culture
Effects of eating too much junk food
The impact of winning the lottery
The effects of going without sleep
What causes natural disasters
The effects of strip mining
The effects of the moon missions
Effects of the Black Death in the Middle Ages
Early trade patterns
How procrastination affects grades
The events that led to the fall of Rome

Hope this helps!