Topics for synthesis essay?

Topics for synthesis essay?
I need a topic for my synthesis essay. I think I might do it on self esteem. Or parenting. But I’m not confident that they would be great topics.

My professor said we cannot write about abortion or gay rights or euthanasia.

Any other topic I would greatly appreciate. Well any feedback really. Thank you in advance.

the web page (below) provides: Synthesis Essay Topics

Choosing a relevant and comprehensible topic for a synthesis essay is not a piece of cake. In order to pick logical synthesis essay topics, you have to keep in mind what a synthesis essay is all about. In selecting synthesis essay topics, several things should be kept in mind.

First, choose among synthesis essay topics that will lead itself to synthesis. A synthesis essay is an integration of what you read, watch, and learn from a certain topic. It is not a summary or a review in one way or another. In a synthesis essay, you will formulate a thesis or an argument about a certain issue or situation, make generalizations and then produce information that will support your argument.

Second, you have to consider the number of sources that you need in writing. The availability of sources is very important since you will need references to support your thesis. Usually, a synthesis essay requires at least three sources to back up your thesis. Make sure that your sources will be enough or else your essay will eat up so much of your time just finding a reliable source.

Third, when selecting synthesis essay topics, choose a topic that you have a little knowledge on and a topic that holds your interest. That way, you will be able to have fun and enjoyment in your writing process. At the same time, having a topic of your own choice gives a better outlook and outcome of the whole essay.

And fourth, getting a compelling topic is the first step in writing an effective synthesis essay. There are many synthesis essay topics at present that could give you this effective writing. Select a topic that has a connection with the current issues nowadays. For example, you could write about the rise of social networking sites like Facebook or the increasing levels of bullying in American public schools. Formulate an argument about your selected topic, gather enough references, organize your thoughts through an outline and present your information systematically.

Here are some synthesis essay topics that you might want to write on:

•The economic crisis of America
•The invasion of popular music in YouTube
•Media and privacy invasion
•The Taliban in Pakistan
•Political turmoil in Egypt
•The rise of political killing
The listed topics above are just a few ideas that you can consider when selecting synthesis essay topics. Selecting a topic is the first step of your synthesis essay writing, so you have to put a great effort in choosing one. Once you got it right from the beginning, the flow will last until the end.