Trying to get into the University of Florida?

Trying to get into the University of Florida?
Any tips? Has anyone gone there? What do they require?

UF is a state school and like most large state schools they require you to have 2 or 3 science, math, and history classes along with 2 year foreign language, P.E., art/music/theatre, and some extra curricular activities. You need to take standardized test like ACT or SAT. Your scores can be weighted with your GPA. The higher your GPA the lower your test scores could be. There are of course minimums that you need to have.

Schools like to rate people on the whole person concept and they want you to be a good student as well a active in your community or school groups and athletics or other clubs. You should be on a college reading and writing level. They will use a personal essay or interview to judge this.

Go to and you can see what kinds of test scores, GPA’s and class standing UF (and every other college) currently requires. This does not mean if you meet these they will accept you, but it’s a good gauge of what current students go in with.