trying to send a letter to Boston University?

trying to send a letter to Boston University?
hey guys im currently a junior and i really wanna go to boston
so im gonna write a letter to the deans of admissions how i love boston and why i want to go there. i think it might really impress them. so do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on what i should write and what i shouldn’t include in the letter?
any sample letters?

My advice is: Do not do this.

The Dean of Admissions is a crazy busy person. It will probably not be read so it’s kind of a waste of time. In fact, most colleges discourage students from writing letters.

If you really want to go to Boston University, just make sure to impress them in your application. And if you want an extra edge – set up an alumni interview.

One whole section of their supplemental application is about why you want to go to BU. So start practicing for next year, if you want to…

Include SPECIFICS about what you like about the college. Do not just write about how much you love Boston. Talk about the programs you’re interested in, school activities and clubs, and things like that.

Good luck in your college process. I applied to BU and got in and my best advice is: don’t stress too much about applications. Just let yourself shine through on your essay section (they say that’s the most influential part of the app).