Ugh! Help! No idea how to start this essay!?

Ugh! Help! No idea how to start this essay!?
Well. I have an essay due tomorrow. It’s suppose to be a book review, and frankly due to certain personal circumstances I have no idea how to even start a book review. My professor gave the class a paper to help us, but I still have no idea. 🙁

Sorry if I sound kind of stupid.

In no way I am trying to be condescending, however, in order to start a book review, you need a book. After reading something, whether it was good or bad, there is always something that you can say about it, something that is more than just a couple of words. So, if you read a book, or at least, a sparknotes version of a book, and you know the plot and everything, you definitely need to develop an opinion about that. Do not be afraid to be opinionated, it it always better to read a review that exudes how the writer of that review is feeling about the book, instead of a blurry and undefined report aimed at everybody and nobody at the same time.
In order to form your opinion into a decent book review try to be specific about your likes and dislikes when it comes to the book; take your time and explain in detail why you liked what you like, how you managed to relate to the character, the author or the story. If you find yourself struggling too much with that, try turning to somebody for real academic assistance.