Ughh. SAT Essays. SAT writing questions.?

Ughh. SAT Essays. SAT writing questions.?
How do you write a good paper? When I read my papers, disregarding the class, my writing is really plain and boring. Its really hindering my potential. My SAT writing teacher writes all over my paper and constantly the paper has all these comments like what is “it” refering to. Its hard to consistantly keep track of what I am writing and explaining is not my forte. I have faulty comparisons. I have Subject verb agreement. I have ambiguous reference errors.

Any tips on improving style besides reading? Paying attention when I’m constructing my sentences?

Oh by the way, how was my grammar in this question? haha XD

One thing they’re looking for is concision and precision. Make sure you put all the punctuation (especially an apostrophe in “its” unless you’re referring to possession). Try not to use “it.” It’s a word that’s not precise at all. “It” can refer to so many things, you might have to ask the writer directly what “it” is referring to, which is very bad, especially in the essay.

Think of the SAT essay like a persuasive essay. You want to persuade the reader that YOU’RE right, and actually, THEY’RE wrong! One way of improving style, particularly for the SAT essay, is to treat it like a debate. State firmly and with conviction what your stance on the prompt is. If you were to say, “I think that ____ is bad and that we shouldn’t ____ anymore,” the reader’s just going to think “Okay, that’s nice. Why should I care?” If you treat it like a debate, the style becomes more like, “____ is bad because ____, ____, and ____. ____ affects virtually everyone because ____. We must stop ____ or else ____.” That example is very vague, but I think you get the gist of it. Don’t let the reader know what you think, let the reader know what they SHOULD think.

As for improving grammar, just be analytical in your readings. Try to find patterns (they’re everywhere, honestly) in sentence structure and all that. Be very observant. Don’t just read, analyze.

I hope that helps.