university of florida how to get accepted?

university of florida how to get accepted?
so i really want to go to this school. i am an average student and i am in one college class and one honors class. next year i am going into 2 ap classes. i have after school activies and my average is about a 91. my grades are 80’s 90’s and 100’s. im not that great but im gonna try really hard to raise my gpa. what do u need in order to get into that school? what do they look for? and if anyone knows what my gpa is in like a 1-4 scale that would be great. and do they look for certain grade numbers and actvites? please help

i had 2 extracurriculars for all 4 years. took all academic classes…. most of them were honors classes, maybe 2 or 3 regular classes, 4 college classes, and 2 ap classes. i had a 3.6gpa, and an act score of 28…. i didn’t get in.
you’ll basically need a 4.2 gpa in order to get in. if you look on your report card it will show your gpa… however, the school does recalculate your gpa by taking things out like gym and stuff and they add points to honors, ap, etc… so it’ll be a little difficult to actually calculate what they would consider their gpa.
take as many ap, honors, and college classes as possible. get involved in lots of extracurriculars with most of them being leadership positions. take the act and/or sat and do REALLY well. get a job if you don’t already have one. make A’s and B’s. write a superb entrance essay…. it’s going to be difficult but it’s not impossible.
they are looking for a well rounded person who can make A’s in advanced classes while obtaining extracurricular activities (clubs, sports) and leadership positions (student government, etc), and a job.