University Question.?

University Question.?
If I have finished year 10 in Australia and got my school certificate. Then I go to TAFE to do the HSC, when I’m finished that, can I go to a University or College in America?
If so how do I do it? How do i get in?
And if not, why not? What do i need to do to be able to go?

Yes, you can.
Right. You might want to start saving up a bit, because it’s preeetty costly, studying abroad. Basically, start getting your credits up, references and life experience. Practice essays and just do a lot of extracurricular – a good CV is very appealing. It would probably be better to do the HSC at school, as you can get teacher references and constructive advice, but hopefully your TAFE professors can help you out there.

Applying for American college is almost the same as applying for Australian uni. Almost. You’ll need to work out your GPA before applying, though, because Americans want the GPA. Not the ATAR. Although, the ATAR will help.
Okay, you have to make them feel as though you’re a worthy student, that their funding will be put to good use; that you’re not just going to transfer and just get hammered with the boys.
You have to be pretty impressive. Hence why I stated you should build your CV.

Also, are you sure you want to go to America? Have you tried investigating other countries? Don’t get me wrong, I love America – amaaazing country. It’d just suck heaps for you if you rocked up to America and a month later, you hated it. Have you picked a state? A university? The notion of California might appeal, but Wisconsin might have the degree you want to do. Just… think? Don’t do anything stupid or rash.

To make this process a little less arduous, I suggest that you actually start uni in Australia. Most universities have an exchange program, and some degrees even require you to study abroad (BA Arts – International Studies, for instance). Some of the expense may even be removed, and if you’re on HD average, you could get into a better uni (I know USYD let you transfer to Harvard if you have a HD average and are studying law!) Plus, you’ll be doing a degree your comfortable with – not transferring and then thinking, “Sh*t. Remind me again why I chose American Foreign Policy?”