Victoria Day Information?

Victoria Day Information?
I’m writing an essay on Victoria Day and I need some historical information as well as celebrations.
I also need to know why CANADIANS celebrate it even though it’s celebrating a BRITISH queen. And also why/why not canadians should celebrate it. Any information will be greatly appriciated
Thank you!!

Because when Canada became a country, Victoria was the Queen, and a most influential queen she was. (Though people in the UK don’t celebrate such a day.) Also, it’s celebrated as the MAy long weekend because the US celebrates ITS May long weekend a week later. (This is often the case with US-Canada everything – Tax Day in the US is April 15 – in Canada, it’s April 30. The US’s birthday is celebrated on July 4 – Canada’s birthday is celebrated July 1. The US’s Thanksgiving is the fourth week in November – Canada’s Thanksgiving is on Columbus Day.)