Want to get a Rat, but my mom won’t let me! How do I change this?

Want to get a Rat, but my mom won’t let me! How do I change this?
* Please read all! * So I’ve done a ton of research and have decided I want to get 2 male rats. The only problem is my mom won’t let me. About 3 weeks ago I asked and she said “NO”. so I wrote three essays on how great they are including cool facts and clarifying facts that she was wrong about. She still said no. My dad is cool with it but my mom has the main decision. So she said NO for the third time and I left it at that so I didn’t get her madder then she already was. She said she will rethink it at the end of my school season. (In a month and a half.) so I still want a rat VERY badly. I need a way to bring the topic up again in a suttle way that won’t make her mad. I really want a rat and will want one till I get one. So how can I bring it up in a nice way? Ill do it in like 2 weeks so she isn’t too pissed off! Haha ! So thanks for your answers! And I have the money to pay for everything and will take full care and responsibility for them! So how do I change her mind? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know why she is saying no? Ask her and see if she will explain to you why she doesnt want you to have a rat, and work form there. I would suggest getting two female rats instead. I know form personal experience that male rats and mice are nowhere near as clean as female rats and they stink! Like really bad. Female rats are clean and dont smell and are very affectionate and smart. Also maybe get your dad to speak to her when you arent around and see if that would change her mind or at least make her less opposed to the idea.