What about the ACT test?

What about the ACT test?
how long is it?
what are the portions?
how long do i get for each portion?
is there an essay question?
how long for the essay question?
can i guess?
can i skip questions?

it’s around 3-3.5 hours long

4 portions: english, reading, math, and science

there’s an essay question if you signed up for “act with essay” and you get 30 min for the essay

the english portion lasts 70 min i think, math is 60 min, and science and reading are around 35-40 min.

there’s not penalty for guessing/incorrect answers. so make sure you answer every question. don’t skip…cuz you can guess and if its wrong, you wont be penalized.

each portion has a scale score of up to 36. they take the average of the 4 scores and that’s called your composite score.

your writing is out of 12 points. and your writing/essay score does not affect your composite score