What are environmental issues of air pollution (smog)?

What are environmental issues of air pollution (smog)?
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In a high pressure, the air sinks and, by doing that, warms up by the adiabatic effect of a higher pressure at a lesser altitude. At night, the earth radiates back into space the heat stored from sunlight during the day. Right above the ground, the air is colder. That creates an inversion, i.e. warmer air above colder one. The air doesn’t rise anymore.

As the air temperature reaches dew point, it can’t sustain anymore its moisture and some has to condense into droplets of water. But, to do that, water must give away energy in form of heat and it can only happen when it touches anything with a mass. That’s why we see dew on tree leaves or anything with a mass. In the air, it can also happen on smoke or dust particles and pollen.

Industrial regions and cities are often in valleys where, during the night, the cold air from the surrounding hills fall down in the valleys. Sometimes it can even be felt as a wind called a katabatic wind.

In the morning and under such conditions, the valley is in the fog. The word, smog, comes from the frequent fog in London when heating was done by coal firing, releasing a lot of smoke particles in the air.

Usually during the morning, the sun manages to pierce through the fog, warms up the ground and lift the fog, first into a layer of stratus clouds, then into a clear sky. But if the sun is low over the horizon, because it is the autumn or winter, then the fog may remain for the entire day. This happens, of course, in a high pressure condition with little or no wind to mix the air. That fog, or smog, if you want, stays then in the valley as a lid over the region.

The environmental issue is that the air may contain a lot of pollutants, like sulfuric acid, that is harmful to both vegetation and humans. Especially those suffering for ailments such as asthma, are the first victims of our careless pollution.