What are good SAT scores?

What are good SAT scores?
I’m taking my SAT soon and I wanted to know what’s considered a good SAT score.

It depends upon the type of University you want to attend. The maximum score is a 2400, with a 12 in the essay. The “average” high school student scores a 1500 (500 on each section) and a 7 on the essay. However, the majority of Universities do not want “average” students. They really want the top 30% of graduates:

Schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT – 2270 plus
Lower IVY’s, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Georgetown, etc. – 2100 plus
Top Tier State and Private Universities – Univ of Chicago, Northwestern, UCLA, Univ of Michigan, UC-Berkeley, Duke, – 1900 plus
Second Tier State Universities – Ohio State, Iowa State, Univ of Texas-Austin, – 1700 plus
Third Tier Universities – Arizona State, Univ of Arizona, Florida State, 1500 plus
Low Ranking State and Regional Universities – 1170/1250 plus