What are my chances into making it into UF and UCF?

What are my chances into making it into UF and UCF?
So currently my un-weighted GPA is around a 3.6 weighted is any where from a 4.2 to 4.5 ish I have taken 2 AP classes through my first three years of High School ( Human Geography and Psychology) Both I Passed with As in the class and 4s on the Exam. My Main reason I have lacked in AP classes is the fact that my sophomore year I had to drop out of normal high school and on to virtual school because of major unknown autoimmune chronic health issues, it took me two years but now I should be finally able to go back to normal high school for my senior year I am planning on taking AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Music Theory, AP Lit, AP Gov, Economic Honors, Keyboard 3, and some form of Art Class. I also was thinking about joining some of the honor societies at my school and maybe the art or debate club. I have taken honors classes all throughout high school even when I was sick. I also am about to start volunteering at my local hospital.
Over the last few years things I have done as a home-schooler are as follows Play Piano (9 years) Clarinet Cello and Guitar, Helped Raise Arabian Horses, Have helped volunteer at German Cultural events, volunteered at church, draws paints and takes photos, bakes (9 years) , cooks ( 8 years) , reads pleasure novels at extremely fast speed (over 100 words an hour), plays tennis (up until I became ill), creativity writes, has helped breed Arabian Horses, has edited videos for a Realtor, edits, as helped a bit with veterinary medicine plus I have gone through my own health issues giving me an idea about the medical field with is my interest.
I also was in band and the medical magnet in my school before I again had to drop out because of my health issues. As for my health issues I can prove its existence I also have doctors at Shands, and doctors who teach at UCF medical school so the colleges will know I am not making this stuff up. (Not to mention the medical records etc)
The other major catch besides for the fact of my lack of AP classes and my Hobbies being not done at the school is my sat score, it’s currently a 1590 O.O (490 writing, 540 Math, 560 Reading)
I plan on retaking the exam in October and again later if necessary (I heard you can turn score in even after you applied?)
My question is what are my chances of getting in with what I have now (Seeing that I have only received 5 Bs in High School let’s say I get one or two next year theoretically). Also what does my SAT Score need to be to get into UF and UCF? If you could have any tips that would be awesome!
Also can Medical illnesses like what I went through hinder me?
I am not sure if this is important information but I want to be a doctor therefore my health experiences have given me a firsthand experience into the world of medicine, I also know I could probably get really awesome recommendations from four or five people and was planning to write my admissions essay about what I have seen in the medical world.
Thanks for your time whoever read this ^_^ – Ginny

Well I think you can definitely get into UCF and you would have a medium chance of getting into UF. Neither is ridiculously hard to get into. You have a pretty good reason for not taking many AP classes and you should really incorporate that into your essay to let them know that. You don’t need recommendation letters for state schools and you should retake the SAT. For UCF you won’t need a really high score, for them get like a 1650 total, and for UF try to get like an 1800+. Take your SAT Score report and study whatever you got wrong. Most people after studying raise it like 200-300 points.

Its funny but our applications look nearly the same (Even a few of our extracurriculars overlap.)Except my unweighted is a little lower then yours and my test scores are a bit higher and I have more AP classes to my schedule. I’m hoping I’m wrong and that you’re a shoe in for both because that’d be pretty awesome for me since I’m applying to both the schools too.

*But If you are an out of state student your chances kinda blow.

I would recommend taking a couple AP Classes through FLVS to let the colleges know you can handle a large courseload.