What are my chances of getting accepted to Northeastern University?

What are my chances of getting accepted to Northeastern University?
I know that Northeastern has a high GPA requirement (I believe somewhere between a 3.8-4.1), but I’m wondering how much they value other parts of the application such as essays, recommendations, interest, community service, extracurriculars, improvement, etc. Northeastern is my first choice and I would really love some feedback! I know that my GPA is the biggest factor that’s going to affect the decision, but I’ve explained about circumstances surrounding a bad sophomore year (ended with a 2.4 GPA) and I started out my junior year with a 3.9 GPA and rose 13 places in my class rank in one year. Do you think they’ll value my improvement and other areas enough to make up for the difference in GPA?

Here’s my stats:

-GPA: 3.03 ( I ended sophomore year with a 2.4 but began junior year with a 3.9)
-Class Rank: 49th Percentile
-ACT Composite: 28 (SAT=1860)
-SAT: 1740
-Extracurriculars: 10 (Marching band/Colorguard, art club [co-founder], community service club, debate club, freshman assistance club, trivia/knowledge team, summer employment, volunteer work with Boy Scouts, Venture Crew [co-ed branch of Boy Scouts] [Historian], etc.)
-Volunteer Work: 312 hours as of senior year, 288 of which are from Boy Scouts
-Foreign Language: 2 years
-Social Studies: 4 years, Honors 1 year
-Math: 4 years
-Science: 4 years, moved up a placement
-Science (Labs): 3 years, moved up a placement
-Electives: 5 1/2 years
-English: 4 years, Honors 1/2 year

Intended Major: Psychology
Intended Career: Art Therapist

I can’t give you an answer but I thought I would tell you that I am in the same position
I applied to Northeastern with a GPA around 3.0 and a SAT score of 1840
I didn’t do so great my freshmen or sophomore year but did great my junior and so far my senior year.
When I met with an admission consular from Northeastern I asked her if they will take my improvement into consideration and she gave me a pretty generic answer saying “We evaluate each applicant as a whole, but improving grades are viewed better then dropping grades.”
So basically I think you have a chance but its impossible to say how good of a chance.
I’m kinda expecting to be wait-listed, which will be disappointing because they don’t take many people off the wait-list.
I guess we’ll find out within the next month though as they release decisions by April 1st.