what are my chances of getting into Boston University?

what are my chances of getting into Boston University?
– Sophmore in High School
– 90 GPA
– I failed freshman math and science but made the grades up (the F’s wont be calculated into my GPA)
– Going to become an officer of the literary magazine at my school junior and senior year
– INTERACT the school community service club
– I do community service outside of school with my temple
– Speech and Debate team
– AP psychology, AP language, AP literature, AP art history, AP micro, AP macro, and AP biology
– New York State citizen
– Mongolian background if that does me any good
– I havent taken my SATs yet but im taking classes over the summer to prepare me for when I take them next year


Depends on what college at BU you are applying to (COM, CAS, etc.), but your stats sound very strong (though I’m confused by the “90 GPA” thing — that’s not on a GPA scale, so you must mean that is your average — in which case, get it up a bit), especially for a sophomore. That is a fantastic list of APs, for example — BU really wants to see you taking challenging classes in high school, especially if you do well in them.

Your activities are well-rounded, especially if you’re leaning towards COM or an English degree — literary magazine is great for that, particularly as an officer. Write a strong essay for both BU and your college (several colleges ask you to write specific essays about what you want to study and why; I know COM does) — be original, but also passionate, and make sure your spelling/grammar/structure is impeccable. BU loves strong writing skills! There is no interview for BU admissions (or at least there wasn’t when I applied!) so you can’t count on acing an in-person interview to get in — make yourself jump off the paper.

Keep with the activities and academics you have going, and strive for some accomplishments on top of them — a school writing award, winning a debate tournament, studying abroad (a lot of classes will take a month-long trip to the country where your language is spoken, and it looks great on your application that you’ve traveled outside the US and explored other cultures). I would also visit BU sometime this summer or during your junior year, get a sense of the campus, maybe arrange to chat with a professor or student from your intended major, and then draw back on that experience in your essay.

Oh, and if you’re doing AP language, I would suggest doing an SAT II in that language. Extra standardized test scores always look good (I know my extremely high language SAT II score helped off-set my average SAT).