What are my chances of getting into Penn State University Park ?

What are my chances of getting into Penn State University Park ?
Hey, Im an international student from Panama with a US citizenship, Im a junior and Im really interested in this university since it has very great academics balanced with partying and social life, Ive heard rumors that its easy to get into some people say its kind of tough, Ive searched to internet and most of the sites say that its average the admission difficulty, the psu site says the average gpa is between 3.5-3.9 which is pretty high to me.

My gpa is 3.4(+B), my class ranking is 34 between 78 students, I have done alot of extracurriculars activities such as piano, ive participted in the school play, im in 2 soccer teams, Ive done social service, missionary trips and im in the school volunteering, and ive participated in the Panamenian cultural institute in folk dances. Next year I take my SAT.

I want to study Ind. Engineering so thats why I am in highschool bachelor of Sciences and Art.
I would like to know what are my chances of getting in Penn State UP from yours point of view.
Thank you 🙂

I got into Penn State for engineering with 3.4 highschool GPA and my SAT scores were average at 1080/1600, or 1580/2400 if you include the writing essay score. My ranking was #26 out of 79 students. I also played soccer and had that on my college application. Still, try to raise it.

I also heard of people being turned down with a 3.4 GPA and better SAT scores than I had. I think it depends on the year and # of applicants. Maybe I just got lucky.

Penn State’s College of Engineering is one of the highest rated in the world. I think 12th in U.S. and 20th or 25th in the world. Their Supply Chain program is rated #1 in the world. Their Business school is one of the worlds best. They have lots of majors rated in the top 10 in the nation and some in the world. So it is a great school. The specific Engineering program I went in was rated 4th in the nation at Penn State. I graduated in 2011. I love that city and school. The best time of my life.