What are my chances of getting into U Penn?

What are my chances of getting into U Penn?
I am a girl from new england. I have a 96 GPA at the end of my junior year. I have taken an AP history every year and recieved a 4 or 5 each year and next year will be taking AP Bio, Calculus, Government, and Lit as well as College Spanish. I have 2270 on my SAT (800 writing, 720 verbal and 750 math) with 3 sat IIs (720 math 1, 720 bio, 750 us history) I volunteer over 200 hours every year and will be president of two service clubs and one spirit organization at my school next year. i have also competed on a varsity sport for 6 seasons. with my extracuriculars will i be able to get in?

1. Your scores are competitive for Ivy League schools and other top caliber schools.

2. Your extracurricular activities – these are always the hardest to tell. You never know what will catch the admissions officers’ eyes. Someone who performed in a freak show might be chosen over a second coming of Mother Teresa who saved a hundred orphans. You never know.

What I suggest you do is keep your GPA up, keep doing whatever it is your doing, and really nail it with your essays and recommendation letters. Often times, people forget that essays are EXTREMELY important. They are they only subjective part of you that gets shown to the admissions committees. Most universities really pay attention to it and some even say outright that it is the single most important aspect. Don’t brag, but don’t be too humble either (unless of course you are a braggart or a humble person by nature) but do be honest. Be true to yourself and it will show. It’s the same reason why some autobiographies are so powerful, writing that’s true will stand out. So an essay that stands out can be used in place of an extracurricular activity that stands out or a set of max scores.

But, so far you’re doing great. Go ahead and apply to U Penn. Just keep in mind that nothing short of sending a signed blank check will guarantee your admission to any top university.