what are my chances of getting into UNC? and what do i do if i get deferred?

what are my chances of getting into UNC? and what do i do if i get deferred?
apparently they’ve already released the decision letters for UNC but i haven’t gotten mine yet and i’m feeling really anxious, what do you think my chances are? my SAT is 1950, ACT is 28, im in the top 15% of my class at a very large high school, ive taken 7 AP classes, ive played school soccer for 4 years, Im a member of Interact club, national honor society, and science olympiad, and i work as a waitress and also as a volunteer soccer coach and as a camp counselor. If it helps at all ive already been accepted into NC State, Appalachian, and Clemson (with a $40,000 scholarship) Please please help! and what do i do if i get deferred?

One is qualified for admission to the University of North Carolina.Your SATs are about fifty points higher than the SATs of students already admitted to the university. Ones ACT score is above the lower portion of the range for students now studying at the freshmen level at UNC. Then again, ones extracurricular activities are adequate. One also has worked so one has knowledge of the work environment. One has been a leader as well as a volunteer soccer coach. Furthermore, one has been accepted by three universities from both North and South Carolina.

To take note, however, one still has to write a personal statement, get references. Moreover, one did not say anything about the earned grades that were included in a GPA. A comment on those portions of a potential application to UNC, publish your GPA. Send one of your references to UNC from a graduate of UNC if you know one. Finally, make the personal essay about you, your interest in UNC, and what you will do when you complete your bachelor’s degree. Good luck.