What are my chances of making these certain colleges with my stats?

What are my chances of making these certain colleges with my stats?
I have not done too great in school lately unitil recently i decided to step it up a notch.
in sum i will have about a
3.3 GPA maybe a 3.4
If i score about a 2000-2100 on my SAT and write a amazing essay that makes me different from the other students what are my chances of making a good college.. for example maryland, george washington, UVA, NYU, johns hopkins, emory etc. they require like a pretty high gpa so even with the gpa i have what do i need to have a good chance.
a great essay is one
great sat score
and how else can i improve my chances or stand out???
please anyway.. i need feedback 🙂

you will find the majority of the information you want on here are the links for all the schools you listed:

here you can find GPAs of students who got in, their SAT scores, acceptance rate, size, etc.
as for how you can stand out, get involved! volunteering is important and so are extra curriculars. but remember – doing too much is bad too. i had friends last year who got turned down because they were too involved.
and another way to stand out is through your essay. you said it’s already great, but make sure it’s different and not generic. ‘why i want to major in ___’ or ‘why ___ has inspired me’ will most likely bore the colleges you are applying to. so be unique and interesting – it will definitely pay off!

hope i helped, any questions just let me know! (: