What are my chances to get into University of Chicago?

What are my chances to get into University of Chicago?
I’m an international student.
My % has been
9th grade – 93
10th grade – 95
11th grade – 81
I know my 11th dropped considerably. 🙁 I took on math and it pulled everything down.
I have played the piano for 9 years, and will give my grade 8 exam in November.
I have done martial arts for five years.
I have won multiple spelling bees and represented my school at them.
I have attended a Model United Nations.

What are my chances of getting in Uni of Chicago for economics? If not there, then where else will I have a chance of getting in?
I am expecting a SAT of 2000+
Thank you!

2000+ isn’t very good for UChicago. Your downward trend is also a red light. Try and pull this up. If you can, explain why you got such low grades on the application either on the essay or any other section provided.

Only what you’ve done in the last 4 years counts. 9 years of piano counts as 4. However, passing Grade 8 would give you an extra boost.

MUN is helpful, as are spelling bees.

Economics is very competitive. You need to try and score well above 2200.

Did you do any community service? Most applicants clock in 100+ hours by the time they apply.

I’m kind of nitpicking here. Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I’m just trying to help.

Your chances aren’t great. Nobody who applies to UChicago has a good chance, even if they have 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT. Your chances are probably better than the average applicant, but still don’t think with any certainty that you’ll get in.