What are Penn State University college essay questions?

What are Penn State University college essay questions?
I’m applying for Pennsylvania State University Park next year, and I was wondering what are the college essay questions so I could start on it now. Thank you~!

Penn State doesn’t require an essay. They have a “strongly encouraged” personal statement.

The application asks if you’d like to include a personal statement and then states this:

“If you answer yes, you will go to the Personal Statement page where you will be asked to choose one of the commitments that you listed in the Activities section (activity, interest, or work experience) or another experience you would like to share and provide a short description of its importance to you. Include why that commitment could be relevant to your student experience at Penn State.
Instructions for Completing the Personal Statement:
When completing the personal statement, please note that there is a limit of 1200 spaces and characters.”

You can see a preview of the application here:…

Good luck!