What are six topic for this essay?

What are six topic for this essay?
trying to write this research paper but can’t think of anything. Can someone help me find six topic for my body paragraphs please?

1. Outsourcing Trends: One of the biggest driving forces behind globalization is outsourcing, of manufacturing, production or distribution of duties to other countries. Many large corporations outsource responsibilities in order to save money on the development of their products. Typically, outsourcing results in jobs moving to countries that report lower average rates of pay. India is an example of a country that has received many outsourced jobs.

In your research paper on globalization, focus on past trends in outsourcing and speculate on how these trends influence current and future outsourcing.

11 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2011
. Progressive Outsourcing

The year will be marked by the inking of smaller IT services deals, many of them by first-time buyers who sat on the sidelines in 2010, say industry watchers. Providers, happy to have a foothold, will push such customers to expand the scope of their relationships over time—the old “penetrate and radiate” approach. Contract activity will “creep back throughout 2011, as the recover stutters and buyers pull the trigger on sourcing activity,” says Phil Fersht, founder of outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research.

2. Diving for Dollars

Facing a slow economic recovery, IT leaders will continue to scour their existing outsourcing arrangements for savings. “There’s a pot of gold in every contract, and in some cases we have found a pot worth millions,” says Mark Ruckman, an independent outsourcing consulting working in conjunction with Sanda Partners. IT services customers may reconcile their invoices with their original contracts with an eye toward under-delivery or over-payment, for example, or replace contractors from large sourcing providers with IT professionals from local temp agencies.

3. Outsourcing, Meet Cloudsourcing

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