What are some bad addictions?

What are some bad addictions?
i need to make an example essay brainstorm thing and i need 3 bad addictions. I already have drugs and alcohol. I also need 3 subtopics about that subtopic

Well, people can be addicted to just about anything, so many different types of things that’s its getting downright ridiculous. There’s an actually group called OA (Over eaters Anonymous) just like AA (Alcoholic’s anonymous) only for people addicted to over eating. This is probably the best bet if your looking for a lot of information on an addiction.

There are also people addicted to gambling, sex, video games, crime, pornography, and any other random thing you are not supposed to do over and over again. You will have no problem finding information on addictions, there is an endless array of sites and books on the subject. 🙂 Have fun sifting through it all.


Added: I’m becoming more and more inclined to agree with tsummit’s explanation that people are using addiction as an excuse to do it unacceptable activities. Though in the case of drugs and alcohol I think the addiction is real, and the labeling of addiction to any behavior doctor’s can’t explain is detracting from the seriousness of their disorder. ( I mean seriously, SEX addiction? It just sounds like an excuse for people to cheat on their spouse.)