What are some examples of narratives?

What are some examples of narratives?
Hello i am writing an essay and it has to be on a narrative that has affected you and i don’t kno what to do??? help asap?
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A narrative is simply the retelling of a story. It is usually someone reflecting on an event in their life. Many people say that narratives shape history because they give the series of events and tell the story of what happened at a particular time. You might think of a person as influential mainly due to the narratives you have read about them. It shows you how a person looks at the world.

Here is a short Agence France Presse (AFP) dispatch containing five sentences of narrative text about an attempt of assassination against Martin Luther King:

” I was dedicating specimens of my book ” Stride toward Freedom “, which reports the boycotting of the buses of Montgomery in 1955-56. Suddenly, while I affixed my signature on a page, I felt something sharp being inserted brutally in my chest. I had been just stabbed with a cut paper, by a woman who was to be recognized insane thereafter. One urgently transported me to the hospital of Harlem where I remained long hours on a bed while one made thousand preparations to extract the weapon from my body “.…
Some are about God:……
Today is Friday, October 2, 2009

Watching a Waterfall
Every time I was home from college, I would watch this waterfall in a forest near my home. A lake empties into a creek named Salt Creek. There is a bridge that runs all across the waterfall. Water falls eight feet over a gray wall built of two-by-four inch bricks. There are four sections where the water goes down; they are divided each by a post that appears rectangular from the front and triangular from the side. Water splashes onto a flat cement surface. Then, the creek merges into the center and goes down a strait. On each side of the strait, there is a wall of rocks cemented together. Also, there is a hill of trees on both sides of the creek.

I walk across the bridge and go down the east side of the waterfall. And, I go slow and stop various times on the wall of the strait, so I can take time to watch the waterfall. I would look at how the water goes down over each section of the back wall and where the water falls from platform to the creek. The beauty of the water splashing onto the cement captures me; looking at the water, again I find hope that I can accomplish my dreams.

When I was in high school, I would wait for days when there was rain coming down fast as bullets being shot out of an M-16. The water would cover all four sections of the back wall completely and make two-feet high splashes onto the cement. At this point, the waterfall would be at the highest point of its beauty.

I take a look at the water falling over the wall, the green leaves of the trees and the light blue sky above. This image reminds me that if God can create things such as this gorgeous waterfall, He has the strength to help me accomplish my dreams. That discovery started a journey of finding hope whenever I would visit waterfalls.
Overcoming my Depression Through Finding Forgiveness
In high school, I felt deserted from the world. My life seemed meaningless because I was not popular and had a poor academic record. This belief brought a great depression where I embarked on a journey to search for truth, love and purpose.

There was a relentless drive for me to become perfect in every area of my life; this drive would cause me to feel shameful about my mistakes. There were some major disappointments: I received Bs and Cs that prevented me from getting a 4.0 G.P.A., my father was an alcoholic, and he verbally abused my family. The first three years of high school, I spend days feeling depressed and lonely due to having no close friends. Writing poems and a book about these emotions gave me a catharsis. There were days that I wanted to kill myself, but I never had the guts to do it. I hated the students because they were not like me, and was jealous of their popularity.

However, in my senior year, some students realized that I was sad. They talked to me and became my friends. I was discovering how much a valuable person I was to them. As a result, I started to care about them. Surprisingly, a sweet girl told me in my yearbook that she felt “very special” when I offered my friendship to her. My friends asked me how I was doing. I would say fine. But, I lied because I did not want to tell anyone about my depression. The action of hiding my problems from others prevented me from being close to anyone. I was scared that they would abandon and hate me. Later, I started opening up my heart to others. The summer after graduation, I dated a very caring girl who wanted to know what was bothering me. For the first time, I started to open up about my emotions by talking to