what are some facts about leadership?

what are some facts about leadership?
well i have to wright an essay for leadership and i need some facts

There are as many different types of leadership as there are leaders.

Success means capturing the heart of the people of frightening them so much they want upraise. The first option is the better, but often a mix of both is most stable

Knowledge is power. Keeping a knowledge gap between the elite (and future elite) and the common people helps to keep your rign stable and creats a situation where it is difficult to live without you.

Indoctrination children from a young age on is very important for success. Dictatorships usually take away kids and teens from their parents. Also democraties teach democratic values in kindergarden and school from an early age on.

Do nor fight wars one can not win. Many great leaders (evil but still great) lost everything because they fought a war they could never have won.