What are some flaws in Darwins theory of Evolution?

What are some flaws in Darwins theory of Evolution?
please explain them aswell.

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Sorry – but Phillip P is talking nonsense:

> We are primates like apes and other primates, but if his evolution theory was accurate all other primates would have either died out or evolved into higher primates.

But that is exactly what *has* happened. The modern chimpanzee wasn’t around when humans first evolved, because it hadn’t evolved from a “lower” primate yet. There was a common ancestor of both chimpanzees and humans: some of this ancestor species evolved into humans, some evolved into chimps, and some went extinct.
The same is true of gorillas, and all other modern primates.

> you don’t get short legged giraffes or vegetarian lions or Whales on land

I don’t even know what he’s talking about here. But paleontologists have found fossils of “land-whales”: specifically fossils of animals that are on their way to evolving into whales, but aren’t there yet. Lions didn’t evolve from herbivorous animals, so why would we expect to find fossils of “vegetarian lions”?


There *was* a flaw with the original Theory of Evolution, as proposed by Darwin: he had no idea what the mechanism of inheritance was, not did he know what could introduce new traits into a population, for them to be inherited by subsequent generations.
However – the advent of the modern understanding of genetics has closed that particular hole: we now know how traits are inherited (in genes in the DNA), and we know how new traits arise in a population (by mutation).

There are several different versions of the evolution model: such as the “slow and steady” evolution, or the “punctuated equilibrium” evolution (which vary on how often and how rapidly evolutionary changes occur), but there are no current scientific alternatives, and there are no “gaping holes” in the theory.

Beware of anyone who tries to bring in the origin of life as a “problem” in evolution. It is true that current science is not at all sure how life began on earth: but evolution isn’t about that. It’s about how life has changed since it has arisen.