What are some good tips for the SAT?

What are some good tips for the SAT?
Hi guys, it was my first time taking the SAT in June and I got a very low score. My score was 1498 (500-math 500-writing 440- critical reading) and I was thinking about retaking it during my senior year Oct. What are your tips for the SAT?

If you really stop and consider what the SAT really is..
It’s really just to test you on how well you take tests. it’s kind of stupid!
It does NOT test your intelligence so don’t be so hard on yourself!

I’ll give you some tips right now! This might take a while but bear with me 🙂

The SAT will test you on:
MATH : Algebra, geometry, functions and graphs, and data
READING: Vocab, passages, sentence completion
WRITING: Essay (which is 30% of your writing score) 70% of the rest is just Grammar Rules!

Always remember that the more you progress into the section, the questions will get harder! So space it all out :).

Do the questions that you have time for and aim for acuracy! Don’t waste time with questions that are too hard or too long.
As soon as you are able to eliminate even 1 incorrect answer, it benefits you to guess aggressively!

You should try to invest in a Manual for the SAT , a lot of people think it’s overrated and don’t buy it but seriously? The SAT like is a huge part of college admittance. don’t deny it just because other people think its overrated. I personally recommend collegeboards and princeton review’s books which you can get on amazon. I’ve had them both and i really like them. especially princetons, since it gives you tips throughout the whole book and has a bit of humor to it! 🙂

Don’t worry too much! you can do it!