What are some songs that are about drug addiction that have intense lyrics?

What are some songs that are about drug addiction that have intense lyrics?
I’m doing an english essay and i have to have three sets of lyrics about drug addiction that i can write about. It would be great if there were some from different points of view, like some one who wants to stop, a mother or friend watching whats happening or some one who likes the thrills and thinks it’s a good thing etc….Thanks if you can help me out πŸ™‚

Wildside by Marky Mark
Walk on the Wildside by Lou Reed (original of what Mark copied)
“Detachable Penis” by King Missile (Alcohol)
“Alcohol” by Brad Paisley (Alcohol)
“Roll Out The Barrel” – Trad. English Song.
“The Hills Of Connemara” by The Clancy Brothers(Irish Trad.Song
“Rare Ould Mountain Dew” by The Clancy Brothers(Irish Trad.Song)
“Seven Drunken Nights” by The Dubliners(Irish Trad.Song)
“Whiskey In The Jar” by The Dubliners and Thin Lizzie(Irish Trad.Song)
“I Belong To Glasgow” by Harry Lauder
“Kiss me, I’m Shitfaced” by Dropkick Murphys
“Drunk Sincerity” by Bad Religion
“The Jug Of Punch” by The Clancy Brothers(Irish Trad.Song)
“God Of Wine” by Third Eye Blind

“Tomorrow Never Knows” by The Beatles
“Artificial Energy” by The Byrds
“Brain Stew” by Green day
“Doctor Jimmy and Mr Jim” by The Who
“Geek Stink Breath” Green day
“Amphetamine Addiction” The Zero Boys
“Amphetamine” β€” Everclear
“Amphetamine Logic” β€” The Sisters of Mercy
“Artificial Energy” β€” The Byrds
“Bat Country” β€” Avenged Sevenfold
“Amphetamine Annie” β€” Canned Heat
“Benny” β€” Truck Stop Love (Benzedrine)
“Bethamphetamine” β€” Butch Walker
“Black Betty” β€” Ram Jam
“Deathamphetamine” β€” Exodus
“The Crystal Ship” β€” The Doors
“Cut My Hair” β€” The Who
“Dark Entries” β€” Bauhaus
“Drug Me” β€” The Dead Kennedys
“The Drug Song” β€” Leftover Crack
“Felix in the Sky” β€” Silke Bischoff
“Go Or Go Ahead” β€” Rufus Wainwright (crystal meth)
“Helmet in the Bush” β€” Korn (methamphetamine)
“Here Comes the Nice” β€” Small Faces
“I’m One” β€” The Who (comedown from amphetamine)
“I Hold Her” β€” Bonnie McKee
“Jerk It Out” β€” Caesars (possibly about (meth) amphetamine)
“Let’s Speed” β€” Angelic Upstarts
“Letter From Belgium” β€” The Mountain Goats (crystal meth)
“Logic” β€” The Sisters of Mercy
“Losing My Ground” β€” Fergie
“Meditations On Speed” β€” Lilys
“Methadonia” β€” Fun Lovin’ Criminals (methamphetamine)
“Methamphetamine” β€” EyeHateGod
“Methamphetamine” β€” Son Volt
“Methamphetamine Blues” β€” Mark Lanegan
“Motorhead” β€” Hawkwind, MotΓΆrhead, Primal Scream
“New Amphetamine Shriek” β€” Fugs
“Number of the Beast” β€” Zwan (methamphetamine)
“On the Tweek Again” β€” Primus (methamphetamine)
“Overdrive” β€” Katy Rose
“Palmcorder Yajna” β€” The Mountain Goats (crystal meth)
“Raw Power” β€” Iggy and the Stooges
“Return to Oz” β€” Scissor Sisters (methamphetamine)
“Semi-Charmed Life” β€” Third Eye Blind (methamphetamine)
“Sheila” β€” Jamie T
“Shoot Speed, Kill Light” β€” Primal Scream
“Sinaloa Cowboys” β€” Bruce Springsteen (cooking meth)
“Six Days on the Road” β€” Earl Green
“SpeedKing” β€” These Animal Men
“The Speed of Pain” β€” Marilyn Manson (methamphetamine)
“St. Ides Heaven” β€” Elliott Smith
“Strawberry Flats” β€” Little Feat
“Superjudge” β€” Monster Magnet (methamphetamine)
“Teenage World” β€” The Mountain Goats (Dexedrine)
“Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” β€” Primus (methamphetamine)
“Totally Wired” β€” The Fall
“Truckdrivin’ Neighbors Downstairs (Yellow Sweat)” β€” Beck
“Turn the Page” β€” Bob Seger
“Wasted” β€” Kottonmouth Kings
“White Light/White Heat” β€” Velvet Underground
“Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine?” β€” Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson
“Worst Hangover Ever” β€” The Offspring
“Velocity Girl” β€” Snow Patrol

“Cocaine” by Cream
“Cocaine” by Eric Clapton
“Cocaine Blues” by The Memphis Jug Band
“Moonlight Mile” by The Rolling Stones
“Snowblind” by Black Sabbath
“Summer of Drugs” by Victoria Williams
“This Place is a Prison” by The Postal Service
“This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song” by System Of A Down
“How do you do it?” by The Beatles
“White Light/White Heat” by The Velvet Underground
“Ayo for Yayo” by Andre Nickatina
“Crack Raider Razor” by Andre Nickatina
“I Need Drugs” by Nercro
“Sanctified” by Nine Inch Nails
“2 Hookers and an 8 Ball” – Mindless Self Indulgence
“8 ball” β€” Underworld
“A Bird In The Hand” β€” Ice Cube
“A line allows progress, a circle does not” β€” Bright Eyes
“Almost Lost” β€” InMe
“A Long Way Down” – Eric Smith
“Accuracy” β€” The Cure
“Addiction” β€” Kanye West
“Adrenaline” β€” Rosetta Stone
“Alcohol” β€” Gang Green
“Alcohol” β€” Cansei de Ser Sexy
“All Down The Line” β€” The Rolling Stones
“Ayo for Yayo” β€” Andre Nickatina
“Bales of Cocaine” β€” Reverend Horton Heat
“Baltimore Love Thing” β€” 50 Cent
“Bananas and Blow” β€” Ween
“Big Shot” β€” Billy Joel
“Bikeage” β€” The Descendents
“Black Horse Riding Star” β€” Scarling.
“Blinded by the Light” β€” Bruce Springsteen, covered by Manfred Mann
“Bonnie Brae” – The Twilight Singers
“Bouncing Off The Walls” β€” Sugarcult
“Brain Stew” β€” Green Day
“Breakfast in Vegas” β€” Praga Khan
“Biting My Nails” β€” Renegade Soundwave
“Cake” β€” Lloyd Banks
“Caina” β€” Ruben Blades
“Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” β€” Rolling Stones
“Casey Jones” β€” the Grateful Dead
“Champagne Days, Cocaine Nights” β€” Abe Duque
“Charlie Freak” β€” Steely Dan
“Chattanooga Sugar Babe” β€” Johnny Cash
“China Girl” β€” David Bowie/Iggy Pop
“City of Dope” β€” Too Short
“Cigarettes & Alcohol” β€” Oasis
“Close to the Edge” β€” Yes
“Cocaine” β€” Yakooza
“Cocaine and Camcorders” β€” UNKLE with South
“Cocaine & Gin” β€” Death in Vegas
“Cocaine & Toupees” β€” Mindless Self Indulgence
“Cocaine Blues” β€” written by TJ Arnall, originally recorded by Roy Hogsed and later by Johnny Cash ( Listen?) and Hank Williams III
“Cocaine Blues” β€” Luke Jordan, covered later by David Bromberg
“Cocaine Blues”, a traditional song recorded by the Reverend Gary Davis, Bob Dylan, Dave van Ronk, Nick Drake, Johnny Cash, Jackson Browne, and Townes Van Zandt among others.
“Cocaine Blues” β€” The Warlocks, as distinct from other songs with same title
“Cocaine Business” β€” Noreaga
“Cocaine Bizznizz” β€” The Prophet
“Cocaine Cowboys” β€” W.A.S.P.
“Cocaine Cowgirl” β€” Matt Mays
“Cocaine —- Numb” β€” Meat Shits
“Cocaine Decisions” β€” Frank Zappa
“Cocaine Dreams” β€” 50 Cent ft. G-Unit
“Cocaine Habit” – Old Crow Medicine Show
“Cocaine Habit Blues” β€” Memphis Jug Band, also by The Grateful Dead and Old Crow Medicine Show
“Cocaine in my Brain” β€” Dillinger
“Cocaine Rodeo” β€” Mondo Generator
“Cocaine Sex” β€” Renegade Soundwave
“Cocaine Socialism” β€” Pulp
“Da Blow” β€” Lil Jon
“Dandy In The Underworld” β€” T. Rex
“Deep Pile Dreams” β€” Ian Brown
“Der Kommissar” β€” Falco
“Devil’s Haircut” β€” Beck (hallucinating)
“Die High” β€” Clawfinger
“Don’t Sniff Coke” β€” Pato Banton
“Don’t Stop Me Now” β€” Queen
“Dope Boy Magic” β€” Young Joc
“Dopeman” β€” N.W.A.
“The Dope Show” β€” Marilyn Manson
“Down In A Rabbit Hole” β€” Bright Eyes
“Draggin’ The Line” β€” Tommy James & The Shondells
“Dr. Feelgood” β€” MΓΆtley CrΓΌe
“Drug Ballad” β€” Eminem
“Drugs are Good” β€” NOFX
“C’mere” – Interpol
“Cocaine (We’re All Going to Hell) – Strata
“Cokane” β€” Warp Brothers
“Coke N'” β€” Izzy Stradlin
“Cold Blooded” β€” Rick James, later covered by Ol’ Dirty Bastard
“Coma White” β€” Marilyn Manson
“Come Undone” β€” Robbie Williams
“Commercial for Levi” β€” Placebo
“Cool The Engines” β€” Boston
“Cot’ Damn” β€” Clipse
“Cowgirl” β€” Underworld
“Crack Attack” β€” Fat Joe
“Crack City Rockers” – Leftover Crack
“Crack Cocaine” β€” Pork Dukes
“Crack in the Egg” β€” GWAR
“Crack Rock” β€” Koffin Kats
“Crack Rock Steady” β€” Choking Victim
“Crazy Rap” β€” Afroman
“Crawling” – Linkin Park
“Rest My Chemistry” – Interpol
“Crack Cocaine,” – Cypress Hill
“White Lines” – Grandmaster Flash

“A Little Bit of Ecstasy” (Ecstasy)
“Erotic City” by Prince (musician) (Ecstasy)
“Ecstasy” by Bone Thugs N Harmony
“Ebeneezer Goode” by The Shamen

“Cold Turkey” by John Lennon
“Mr.Self D