What are some topic ideas for a narrative essay?

What are some topic ideas for a narrative essay?
I have to write a narrative essay in an exam soon, so I need some topic ideas. Help? 🙂

Thanks in advance 😀

As a narrative is a story, think of something from your experience that you can tell/develop
into a story form. You can write it as the main character or about somebody else. Whatever
your topic develop it with a beginning, middle, and end.

It can be something from your past, such as the day you started school, or from the present,
such as issues between kids and parents, or from the future, such as your life twenty years
from now. Tell the story of something amusing or frightening, or inspirational, etc. as it
applies to your main character. It can be anything but concentrate on developing it into
story form.

If you can end it with a lesson learned or a moral, so much the better.