what are the advantages of public speaking?

what are the advantages of public speaking?

The above answerer has raised a great point. Self confidence. In any job you decide to take in the future, you need to have self confidence, because self confidence is what your employer will look for in your job interview.

Public speaking is also a great practical way to improve your basic English skills like grammar and wording, which is utterly relevant to piecing together a really good speech. It improves your essay writing as well as your ability to write a great discussion or exposition, as that is basically what public speaking is; the worded form of a discussion or exposition.

When you get into higher levels of public speaking, you’ll find you often need to write impromptu speeches as well; speeches which have to be written with short notice and unknown topics. This trains your mind to be adaptive of situations in which a quick response is required.

But generally, yeah; public speaking is based around confidence. You can write a brilliant speech but then not get very much support because you didn’t present it with enough gusto. To present a speech well, you need self confidence, and if you don’t have it when you begin, your self esteem will start building up as you keep up the public speaking and soon, you’ll have plenty.

Self confidence is a vital tool in making friends. If you have self confidence, making friends in new places will be effortless, and you’ll appear as an easygoing, cool person to others.

There’s a lot of other advantages of public speaking. Talk to a public speaker to find out, and if you’re thinking about taking it up, good luck and have fun (: