What are the differences between AP Lang. and AP Lit.?

What are the differences between AP Lang. and AP Lit.?

The short answer is that AP Lit focuses mainly on analyzing fiction and drama, and that AP Lang focuses mainly on analyzing non-fiction and on making effective arguments.

From a personal perspetive, Lang tended to go through history in chronilogical order and we looked as fictional as well as nonfiction ex: Thoreau, Hawethrone, ect and looked at their works in reference to their times. It was alot faster. AP Lit on the other hand is different because we focus more on the works themselves and from my experience is more in depth in each book.

As for the tests themselves. The first part of both exams are in the same format: reading composition similar to the sat. The reading comp passages are different though. There are three essays for both exams. If you take lit focus on interpreting poems and passages. You should read several books that often appear on the exam and be prepared to write essays on them. For Lang, read books in general, read the newspaper, learn rhetorical devices, and how to write a strong arguments. Here the devices and synthesis is more important.