What are the pros and cons of having surveillance cameras in nursing homes?

What are the pros and cons of having surveillance cameras in nursing homes?
I am a nursing major and for my English class we have to write a persuasive essay that somehow relates to nursing. So, I chose this (if you have other suggestions, let me know).

So, are you for or against having surveillance cameras in nursing homes? Why or why not?


When the founding fathers penned the Constitution, they put in a clause in amendment #4 to specifically instruct police investigators that they could not fish through a person’s papers and effects for evidence. Fair enough. A reasonable expectation of privacy.

When people get old, we send them to a nursing home for professional care and comfort. Mountains of evidence suggest that this relationship has often resulted in neglect, if not abuse of the elderly patients.

So yes to video cameras. They should provide live feeds to the family members. They should be two-way. Recordings from each camera should be stored on a big server in the basement for six months before being deleted. It is not an invasion of privacy. It is an assurance of decent treatment of the elderly. It is a no brainer.

They should never be employed without informing people. That is Stalinist. That voyeuristic Big Brotherism expresses the worst aspects of Soviet Russia. How Great Britain and local municipalities in the U.S. somehow think they have the right to abuse the population with so much invasive recording is unimaginable. Amazingly, the same right wing nut cases who profess hatred for the U.S.S.R. freely advocate video taping private citizens and using the intimate details of the recordings to persecute them.