what are the qualities of a spell binding speaker?

what are the qualities of a spell binding speaker?
im doing an essay for history and thisz is the question he gave us… i have NO idea what to write for this… can anyone give me some ideas?

The type of person who demonstrates public speaking at its best has the following traits:

1.) An authoritative air. You want to exude enough confidence whenever speaking to a group. If you don’t look the part of a confident orator, you won’t be believed right off the bat.

2.) A clear and commanding voice. You must be heard clearly for the message to get through.

3.) Be sure to measure the cadence of your voice. Firm always, but use a slightly louder voice when underlining a point you deem important. Make sure to speak slowly, but not too slowly; pace yourself and use proper breathing so it doesn’t sound like you’re gasping to get that final sentence out.

4.) Avoid too many “uhs,” “you knows,” or the overused “like,” and others of this type. For teenagers, it is especially hard not to fall into this trap. A good orator knows what he/she is going to say before saying it. Practice in front of a mirror for however long it takes if the speech is not on paper.

5.) Use hands to full effect. Sometimes, the motion of hands can accentuate various points in a speech. To some it is natural; to others it is something that demands practice in order to become part of the routine. Never be over-demonstrative, but lean to subtly coordinate hand movements into a speech.

6.) Wear good clothes and stand up straight! Appearances, just like authoritative voices, get people’s attentions, too!