what are the requirements to become a psychology teacher in GA??

what are the requirements to become a psychology teacher in GA??


something like a neuroscience, psychobiology, Counseling Educational Psychology, or psychology major leads to the graduate’s degree. then finally you go for ph.d.

Education majors study how people learn and how to best teach them. Classes cover such topics as educational psychology, school health and safety issues, and the planning of classroom activitiesDesign lesson plans and practice teaching them in front of your classmates
Visit schools and classrooms and report on your observations
Do paid or volunteer work as a camp counselor, coach, or tutor
Spend a semester student teaching under the supervision of an experienced teacher

Students of educational psychology apply the theories of psychology to the study of education. They examine such topics as the roles of teachers and students and the effects of home life on learning.

to become psych major it helps to be good at science, math, critical reading, and writing. This is a great major if you want to understand and help people of all kinds. Most classes are usually large lectures covering almost every subject in the field that is taught to undergrads. Your grade in the class will be based mostly on exams with multiple-choice and short-essay questions. You might also write a paper or work with a group on a small-scale experiment. And don’t be surprised if you play the part of human guinea pig in a research study.

Typical Major Courses:
Abnormal psychology
Biological psychology
Cognitive psychology
Learning and memory
Personality development
Social psychology