What are the SAT’s/ACT’s? What are they like? How does the grading work?

What are the SAT’s/ACT’s? What are they like? How does the grading work?
I am a sophomore in high school. I pretty much know nothing about the SAT’s/ACT’s. I took two PSAT’s (this year and freshman year). I understand there are three sections(math, writing, reading), all timed. But in the PSAT we used scantrons. Will there be timed essay questions on the SAT’s? And what are the ACT’s? How are they different to the SAT’s? Is the grading out of 2400 points? What is considered good/average/bad score for the SAT’s?

he two tests are very different and this link… helps explain how and may help you make an educated guess on which one may suit you better.

sat runs to 2400, 1500 is avg but avg score isnt enough to get into an avg school. similarly, act runs to 36, 20 is avg but wont get you into an avg school.

sat will have one mandatory essay. act will have one that is optional but it is NEVER a good idea to skip it

your first try on either one cannot hurt you as long as you plan any retakes well. try your first ones in fall of your junior year after you have more school under your belt. study as well as you can for both. when you get the results, figure out which one is better for you and take a class or get a tutor to prepare for a spring junior year retake. ideally, you want to have your final scores by end of junior year and in 2 takes, but this way, if you absolutely must get more help for a senior year fall retake, you are still in position to apply to colleges early/on time.