What are the steps to become a chiropractor?

What are the steps to become a chiropractor?
Im attending a community college and it’s my first year and I’m determined to become a chiropractor but idk if its a good paying job or if it’s hard to become one and what will have to do to be one that makes a lot of money

I am glad you are interested in the chiropractic career; it is a fascinating and rewarding profession. Chiropractic colleges have a set of requirements you need to have complete prior to admission. It is best to contact the schools in which you wish to apply as the processes may differ.

Generally people obtain their baccalaureate (bachelors) degree prior to admission into the Doctorate of Chiropractic Program.

Applicants must provide proof of completing a minimum of 90 semester hours (136 quarter hours) from an accredited degree-granting institution. Some states for licensure require a baccalaureate degree. Applicants must meet a set Grade Point Average, and have completed per-requisite coursework specific to each institution of chiropractic.

Many institutions will request a written essay pertaining to a given topic, an interview, and letters of recommendations from chiropractors you shadowed, and proof of the aforementioned requirements above.

The chiropractic curriculum consists of 5 academic years of clinical sciences, diagnostic imaging, and chiropractic technique condensed into an all year around program. It also requires clinical rotations, many of which now provide rotations in nursing homes and VA hospitals. The coursework is comparable to other doctorial programs and shares the similar coursework of medical schools. It will also require passing various National Boards before you are granted licensure.

It is best to shadow as many chiropractors as you can, set up a tour at the chiropractic schools, and see if this is a career you will truly enjoy. Please don’t let money be a deciding factor, I urge you to focus on your passion as there are no shortcuts.