What are the uses of Psychological Tests in these settings?

What are the uses of Psychological Tests in these settings?
Yesterday I was asking about some ideas pertaining to Counseling, now I came up with the idea of Psychological Tests. I just want to know some of your insights about the USES of Psychological Tests being done in these settings (i.e. give a list of some usage):
a) Educational Setting
b) Business/Industrial Setting
c) Counseling/Clinical Research.
Thanks for your help. (I’m nearly done with my essay =p )

Hmmm. Hope my answer helps. Many organizations like tests because they are a fast, cheaper, and standardized way of assessing large groups of individuals.

Educational setting: There are some enrichment programs for those that are gifted or those that are more challenged mentally. Intelligence tests like the Weschler are often used in the States. Other education tests look to ensure everyone is standardized to their grade level.

Business/Industrial: Some tests like personality, or cognitive ability are used for selection or screening when considering candidates for entry level jobs (out service), or promotion. Such tests must be demonstrated to be required as part of the job.

Counselling – Often diagnostic in nature for both normal (NEO PI) and abnormal (MMPI).

Good luck with your essay!