What are your thoughts on money and happiness?

What are your thoughts on money and happiness?
Do you think that money can buy happiness?
This is an essay topic of mine and I thought it would be interesting to see every ones opinions :]

money = materialistic things or known as atman in hinduism is a part of a goal in life although if you have and/or gain mental tranquility you realize that the atman you used to strive for was actually unnecessary
In buddhism although the world is full of pain, aging, sickness, death etc. their are those who do not fear this and live their lives optimistically (not through money) and they find true happiness through the Middle Way- a concept where buddhist believe that one must be both physically and mentally “healthy” contrasting to the Sanghya (i think) of wandering ascetics who take things to the extreme and deprive themselves of worldly distractions and food.
so what i’m trying to say is money can buy you happiness but it will only be transient ..since there will be far greater happiness than happiness that money grants you