What can I do in order to make a book about photography skills?

What can I do in order to make a book about photography skills?
I’m doing a personal project about photography. My goal is to make a book on teaching people to take photos with basic photography skills (shutter speed, HDR, aperture, ISO, etc.) I will have to finish my product which is the book 5 months later and write an essay on the process of learning and making the product.
My supervisor asks me to come up with a specific and implemented process. What can I do apart from reading other people’s books for reference and photography books, and doing research online? Anything like survey is okay. Thanks!

This question is very odd. A personal project with a required essay and a supervisor? That doesn’t sound too personal to me. I would think one prerequisite for a project like this is having your own knowledge of the subject. Following that is the ability to translate what you know into logical and readable form to convey this knowledge to the Dear Reader. I am not sure how taking a survey could help, perhaps in showing how dismally ignorant the average person is on what separates a reasonably decent photo from the vast amount of garbage snapshots they are exposed to every day.

Otherwise there are many books on basic photography. Not sure there is anything new to bring to that table other than the author’s personal style.