What can I include in my essay?

What can I include in my essay?
I have to write a 1,500 word or less essay on the causes and effects of high, and rising, gas prices.
How does this effect my community and that of outside the US?
What has everyone done to help fix this?
Lessons learned?

How can I format my essay? What can I include in each paragraph? And, how can I make a really good introduction?

Thanks in advance for all the ideas contributed!

I would start your essay out with a little story (1 paragraph long) about someone struggling with the high gas prices. A mother taking her kids to school, or something from your own life. Then I would ask the question your essay addresses: What has caused these high gas prices, and how do these prices affect our society? You might just want to end your introduction on this question–your essay will then answer it.

As for format, you can see you have two parts: the causes and the effects. One part might be longer than the other; it depends on what research you find or what part you’re more interested in.

So, a sample outline:

I. Intro.
II. Cause 1
III. Cause 2
III. Cause 3
Transition to effects. Maybe you have a sentence at the beginning of this paragraph that says something like: We have just looked at what has contributed to rising fuel prices. Now we will look at how these prices have local and worldwide effects.

IV. Local (community) effects–people, families? businesses?
V. Worldwide effects

VI. Conclusion. I would answer the questions “what can be done to help fix this” and even “lessons learned” in your conclusion.

Good luck! Just take it piece by piece, step by step, and you’ll be just fine. 🙂