What can I write for a process essay?

What can I write for a process essay?
I know most are usually a sort of how-to-guide. Well for mine I chose to write about a video game. Not a typical shooting game. It’s an adventure game that had a lot of meaning to me. I’m just thinking of the context I can put it in for a process essay? Would it be a sort of walkthrough guide or something? It was approved as a topic by my professor.

Google “process essay” (I just did to see exactly what it was!). There are lists of “how to’s” and other suggestions.
Picking a video game is a timely idea. Why does it have so much meaning to you? Is it because of the intricacies of plot or artwork or characters or difficulty…or all — and more? You could lay out a basic framework (first you log on, then you select a character which you can customize thus and so on). I think it would be more creative — and interesting — to try to get behind the idea of the game and into the mind of its creator(s) as well as players. What attracted you (and others) to this game? Why is it so special?
Ground work is being done at university level on the gaming universe (images of women in gaming, for example). There may be some stuff already available on line.